Who we are

Gambaru Fightwear is a new unique innovative limited edition brand featuring striking designs heavily influenced by Asian culture fused with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The brain child of it's founders who train regularly in grappling, BJJ and combat sports the products are not only designed to look awesome (we wear them!) but they will perform amazingly as well

All of our designs are unique and take influence from comic book art using bold artwork and vibrant definition. Each design is commissioned by us from some unbelievably talented artists who's work is cooler than Ice Cubes fridge. Couple that with our technical fabrics and extensive knowledge of fight wear manufacturing and you have the ultimate combination of cool aesthetics and unfaltering performance. And we can promise you there will be no flaming daggers with skulls over the top advising you to tap or snap. None. Ever.

We will only ever provide you with the very best quality in printing and product. You might pay a couple of pounds more for our products, but we guarantee you'll want to wear it more often than your flaming dagger skull snap or tap garment

We are a small company who value everyone who buys from us. If you have any questions, feedback or even ideas for a new design then please hit us with an email or even a wall post